Florence, Italy

July 27 & 28 2016

Day 6 & 7 

I am sitting in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The most beautiful country along with the culture. 

After the 13 hour train ride we had dinner late at night, in Florence! Italy has treated me wonderfully and we just got here! Everything in Florence is waking distance, which I didn’t mind at all. 

I had a delicious appetizer, thinking that the portions of the meal were small. And I had two entrees! Fettuccini with meatballs which was heaven! And a Florence steak. Yum!! 

Today, we are witnessing the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Which like all good tourists we left the group and had a small adventure of our own. Taking crazy pictures and souvenir shopping. What an incredible day! After this long day walking about we were able to explore the town of Florence and party by the pool bar, which we did both nights we were in Florence. 2 nights just wasn’t long enough!

We stayed up all night and got to know a small group within our tour group, which most of them are from California. 

Our last night in Florence, we went to to our tour directors friends bar, where the bartenders were gorgeous Italian men, we had the dance floor to ourselves! We walked outside to smoke out of a vape (or bum a cig from someone) when a man from his balcony asked if we wanted to smoke. Thinking that he was going to come down and join us, he threw down a joint from his window. It was pretty funny! 

Oh this town, it’s beautiful. I fell in love with it.