Every morning I have been waking up in a cold sweat, feeling completely paranoid. As if I were being watched all night. Some nights I wake up at 3am, and I witness a shadow staring at me from my doorway. I can’t make up who it might, but it’s a woman every time. 

Last night was different, usually I wake up and the shadows gone. But last night, as much as I tried to open my eyes because I knew it was a dream… I couldn’t. I could see the shadow every time I tried to open my eyes. 

As minutes passed, my breathing got heavy and I began to panic. My eyes finally opened, and yet the shadow remained. I rubbed my eyes in hopes that it was still a dream, that maybe I was just seeing things because I was still so tired.

But as I looked back at the doorway, the shadow was gone. I stood up slowly trying to be aware of my surroundings, to see if there was anything off about my room… I went to the hallway, where the shadow once stood… I turned the light on and yet there was no evidence of a person being there. I walked over to my bed, and laid down facing my window. 

But there that feeling of being watched remained. I flipped over and faced the doorway once again until I was finally comfortable enough to close my eyes and sleep. 

Was I dreaming? Or was there really someone in my room? In my house?