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Assignment: Copy the word Destiny in your own handwriting see where it takes you for two full pages. 

Destiny… Have you ever wondered what that word means? Not the definition of the word but what your own personal destiny is. Does your destiny include certain people? A certain event? How each decision you make leads you closer to where you’re suppose to be? Or is it all supersitious? 

I feel like even though my destiny is what I make it, that it also depends on the decisions I make. If I continue in one route, it’ll take me to another. Like a tree just starting to grow it’s branches. Why can’t things ever be easy? Why can’t we know what is meant for us? Or what to do in situations that we can’t possibly know what to do. 

Surprises on how our own destiny lies is something I’d rather avoid. I’ve continuously felt like my life is in a routine, as if I’m stuck with no where to go and yet I’m trying to continue, to better myself to create a life and destiny I want to have. I guess it’s easier said then done.