Paris Part II

July 25th 2016

Day 4

A day of complete history which included seeing the Arch de Triomphe, which was absolutely amazing, but it was just a quick stop before we headed to the Louvre Museum!

Oh the beauty of every master piece there, and I witnessed the Mona Lisa! It was actually bigger than I thought it would be. I was told it was small, and when I went in I expected a wee little painting but I was wrong. I also got to witness a lot of statues, of the Greek Gods like the Statue of Aphrodite, it was breathtaking. Such beauty. The finest arts in the world and I only got to witness a third of the museum. One day I’ll go back and spend the day exploring every inch of the museum that I can. I also got to witness some art from Egypt.

After a wonderful and educational day, we had ourselves a late dinner and some shopping time in Paris! Where I got the chance to buy the most incredible bathing suit. We stayed up until 3am that night! After a long night of drinking, two of the girls and I stayed up drinking and ordered pizza at 2am! Can you believe they actually delivered that late! I got the pleasure of talking on the phone and ordering the pizza, which was beyond funny. I started with Can you speak in English? I kept alternating my yes with “Oui, Si, Yes” I kept forgetting I was trying to speak in French and not Spanish.

What a day!