MariVel || About Me


Hello. Hola. Bonjour. Ciao. Aloha. Guten tag. Gia’sou. 

My name is Laura or Mari short for Mariposa (meaning butterfly in Spanish). I’ve always posted my work anonymously, mostly because I felt scared to know my readers thoughts or judgements on what I write. Most of my work is fiction, or based on my life with a small twist to make it slightly more interesting.

This blog will have parts of my short stories, parts of my journals, and most likely writing exercises from an incredible book given to me by my college writing professor. She is the person who made me realize just how much I love to read and write.

Writing not only takes me into a different world, but it allows me to be anyone I want to be without having to leave the comfort of my home. Writing, is the only way for me to escape life or the stresses of the adulting world.

My hope is to inspire, share and prepare myself to write a book that I’ve been dreaming on writing for the longest time. But if I can encourage readers to write, to show them just how wonderful it is to have a movie playing in their mind rather than watching actors on a screen, then I know I did my part. 

Happy writing.

XOXO – LauMariVel