Florence, Italy

July 27 & 28 2016

Day 6 & 7 

I am sitting in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The most beautiful country along with the culture. 

After the 13 hour train ride we had dinner late at night, in Florence! Italy has treated me wonderfully and we just got here! Everything in Florence is waking distance, which I didn’t mind at all. 

I had a delicious appetizer, thinking that the portions of the meal were small. And I had two entrees! Fettuccini with meatballs which was heaven! And a Florence steak. Yum!! 

Today, we are witnessing the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Which like all good tourists we left the group and had a small adventure of our own. Taking crazy pictures and souvenir shopping. What an incredible day! After this long day walking about we were able to explore the town of Florence and party by the pool bar, which we did both nights we were in Florence. 2 nights just wasn’t long enough!

We stayed up all night and got to know a small group within our tour group, which most of them are from California. 

Our last night in Florence, we went to to our tour directors friends bar, where the bartenders were gorgeous Italian men, we had the dance floor to ourselves! We walked outside to smoke out of a vape (or bum a cig from someone) when a man from his balcony asked if we wanted to smoke. Thinking that he was going to come down and join us, he threw down a joint from his window. It was pretty funny! 

Oh this town, it’s beautiful. I fell in love with it. 



Page 10

Assignment: Copy the word Destiny in your own handwriting see where it takes you for two full pages. 

Destiny… Have you ever wondered what that word means? Not the definition of the word but what your own personal destiny is. Does your destiny include certain people? A certain event? How each decision you make leads you closer to where you’re suppose to be? Or is it all supersitious? 

I feel like even though my destiny is what I make it, that it also depends on the decisions I make. If I continue in one route, it’ll take me to another. Like a tree just starting to grow it’s branches. Why can’t things ever be easy? Why can’t we know what is meant for us? Or what to do in situations that we can’t possibly know what to do. 

Surprises on how our own destiny lies is something I’d rather avoid. I’ve continuously felt like my life is in a routine, as if I’m stuck with no where to go and yet I’m trying to continue, to better myself to create a life and destiny I want to have. I guess it’s easier said then done. 


July 26, 2016

Day 5 

Today we visited the most magical place, the Palace of Versailles, the famous palace of King Louis XIV (I think). It was absolutely breathtaking! Every moment, and second in the castle was incredible, seeing the art, the themes in each room and that garden! What beauty! I felt like royalty, like a Queen walking throughout her home. 

What I would give to live a life like that. 

I fell in love with the gardens, especially with the view from the bedroom where the King and Queen of France once stood. How incredible! 

I kept picturing how it was like back then. Where royalty lived, and the members of court. Which was about 6,000 people, they were all recorded and kept for the kings sake and yet the servanfs names were never recorded. There was always about 1,000 living in the servants quarters. 

What would I give to go back and stay there, to experience living like a Queen. Walking through those gardens, were a complete dream, one that I wish I hadn’t not woken up from. 

If I felt like this seeing Versailles, I can’t imagine how I’d feel when I see Hampton Court in England. Where King Henry VIII lived with his six wives (well not only that home, they had more) 

After this beautiful day, feeling like royalty. We went back to our hostel, where we were going to go back and see the Eiffel Tower. However as we waited for the chance to go, and the Uber driver we were watching the news where there was an attack not far from Paris. Air France, also cancelled their flights, which meant we were stuck in Paris.

We decided to stay at the hostel that night, fearing being in Paris. We decided to make sandwiches, and eat chips. Which turned into a great night of joking around and eating chips. Afterwards, another girl and I, ventured to the closest souvenir store for a little shopping. It was inside a train station, due to it being a weekend. 

Luckily for us, we had the best tour director. He not only got us safely out of France, he helped keep us calm.

Tomorrow we board a train, and travel 13 hours Italy, stopping in Milan for lunch & going to our destination of Florence. 


Every morning I have been waking up in a cold sweat, feeling completely paranoid. As if I were being watched all night. Some nights I wake up at 3am, and I witness a shadow staring at me from my doorway. I can’t make up who it might, but it’s a woman every time. 

Last night was different, usually I wake up and the shadows gone. But last night, as much as I tried to open my eyes because I knew it was a dream… I couldn’t. I could see the shadow every time I tried to open my eyes. 

As minutes passed, my breathing got heavy and I began to panic. My eyes finally opened, and yet the shadow remained. I rubbed my eyes in hopes that it was still a dream, that maybe I was just seeing things because I was still so tired.

But as I looked back at the doorway, the shadow was gone. I stood up slowly trying to be aware of my surroundings, to see if there was anything off about my room… I went to the hallway, where the shadow once stood… I turned the light on and yet there was no evidence of a person being there. I walked over to my bed, and laid down facing my window. 

But there that feeling of being watched remained. I flipped over and faced the doorway once again until I was finally comfortable enough to close my eyes and sleep. 

Was I dreaming? Or was there really someone in my room? In my house?