I remember…

Memory is imagination.

 Room to Write. Page 2. 

Begin with the phrase “I remember” and start writing. It doesn’t matter whether you stick with one memory or list several. You can retrieve memories from as far back as childhood (or past lives) to as recently as yesterday. Just record what comes to you. Don’t stop until you’ve reached 2 pages. 

I remember… how close I was to my grandma, my Abuela. I remember playing dolls with her and role playing Disney scenes with her at her small home in Mexico. I remember her falling asleep while we played and me waking her up every time, “Abuela, te estas durmiendo!” (Grandma, you’re falling sleep!) She was always so sleepy, my poor Abuela. She was always so kind, so beautiful, such an amazing seamstress. She also used to read to me, straight out of the Bible, but the only stories that stuck to me where the one of Adam and Eve. The other was of her father, my great grandfather being strict, and not allowing her to go on a date with my grandfather, my Abuelo. I think that’s how it started, I think that’s why I always felt so close to a man I never got the honor of meeting. He passed before I was born, but the stories I’ve heard, the pictures I’ve seen help keep him alive in our hearts. I feel like he’s my angel, looking out for me. Ironically before I heard the stories, before any growing on my part happened, I had my first word, which was Caballo -or Horse in Spanish. Which was my grandfathers favorite animal. He was watching over me then, he still is now. Even if we never met, I feel the love he has for me, through my Abuela.