Amsterdam, Netherlands

July 22nd, 2016

Day 1

Arriving was brutal, 6 hours of no sleep and starting the day in a new place, with 5 roomies in a hostel and area I’ve never been too is the most frightening thing. But I am beyond grateful to have gotten the chance to experience this new journey. 

The exploration began, and to the ramps we go! Being in Amsterdam consisted more of walking then it did taking the ramps, then again I’m only going from 14 to 18. After exploring with our tour director which is the most beautiful Italian man I’ve ever met. He’s eyes are as blue as the sky and he greeted each of us with a hug, and a smile on his face. Oh the excitement it brought me to have the nicest tour director to start off this journey not knowing a soul within this group. We then had free time, where a group of us girls decided to go to the Heineken Brewery where we got to see how it was that they made the beer, the equipment & we got to enjoy some free beer as we got to lounge in a room where the ceiling was all beer bottles. Seeing that we all were on no sleep, and no food, those few beers we had got the better side of us, luckily we decided to eat some food at a nearby restaurant to keep ourselves awake from the misfortune of sleeping our first day and screwing up our hours more than they already were. 

Night time arrived, where we were taken to the Red Light District for a quick tour. Now that was an experience, one that I never even knew existed. Walking down these alleys, cellphones were not premitted or the women at the windows would run after you. Legit, run after you. They looked like barbies in a shiny new box that you just couldn’t wait to open. Most of these women were stunning, and seeing the men coming out of the rooms with a smile on their face was pretty hysterical. After this short tour, we all went our separate ways, a group went to the cafes where they could enjoy some coffee and weed & a few of us went to the Erotic Museum, which was an absolute blast. Seeing all the cocks on the walls, the pictures of people having sex, the toys, the boobs, it was all so much. Yet it was something that you couldn’t help but enjoy. 

What a first day it’s been. I cannot wait for tomorrow!