Dream or a Memory

A beautiful little girl stared at her reflection in the mirror; she was dressed as if she were a life-sized doll. The ribbons holding up her two pigtails matched the color of her dress and shoes. As she stared back at herself she turned, slowly at the tallest piece of furniture inside her grandmother’s house. She tried to reach the top by jumping as high as she could but she failed over and over again, after a while she finally gave up and began to play with her dolls.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” the young girl said as she role-played with her grandmother. “Why you are, my dearest Snow White.” Her grandmother said as she lay on the couch trying not to fall asleep, as her beautiful granddaughter wanted to play.

She sat down playing with her dolls as her grandmother finally fell asleep. Hours went by before she realized she was on the top of the wooden furniture looking down at her dolls lying there. How did I get up here, she thought to herself.

She looked over the edge trying to figure out how to get down in order to play with her dolls once more. All of a sudden she felt a push, a push as she was looking over the edge, as her screams filled the silence of her grandmothers home, she fell, faster and faster. Yet as she put her small gentle arms in front of her, the fall felt hours long, no matter how close she thought she was to the ground, she never seemed to land. The young girl opened her eyes to find herself on the floor of her bedroom, had she been dreaming this whole time?

Every year since the young girl was twelve, until the point of her twenty-fourth birthday, this dream was consistent. Since the year that her grandmother had gone back home for good was the year that the dream lived on, day after day, the girl woke up in a panic, her screams woke her parents once every year. Although they tried to calm her they couldn’t, although they told her it was a dream, it felt real. Years passed making that once vivid dream feel like a memory, or was it always a memory?


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